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Regarding UM Student Dormitory

State University of Malang Student Dormitory
April 30, 2021

Pengumuman Penerimaan Warga Baru (PWB) 2021 Gelombang 1

State University of Malang Student Dormitory
September 21, 2020

Announcement of 3rd Batch of 2020 New Citizens Selection Results

State University of Malang Student Dormitory
September 17, 2020

Schedule of 2020 New Citizen Admissions Online Interview (PWB) Batch 3

State University of Malang Student Dormitory
September 8, 2020

Announcement Regarding 2020/2021 UM Student Dormitory Check-in

They said

About the UM Student Dormitory


Rizky Agus Utomo

Dormitory Residents 2017/2018

"Dormitories are miniatures of social life. A place where we learn to be independent, socialize, and tolerate, as well as a place to develop and increase our potential. "

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Ghufran Ghozali

2018/2019 Dormitory Residents

"The UM student dormitory is a very good place to live and helped me while studying at the educational campus, State University of Malang. Its strategic location, which is near many supporting facilities such as the central library and also the campus mosque, made my mobility more affordable. Greetings Asramania, Rise Up Can !! "

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Fadhila Wahyu Putri

Dormitory Residents 2017/2018

“Dormitories are proper dwellings, where kinship grows so tightly. No doubt the hostel is a great place to hang out. Care, skills, discipline are cultivated in each of its citizens. One of the joys of being part of the Malang State University Student Dormitory. "

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Austin Fascal Iskandar

Dormitory Residents 2017/2018

"Dormitory is not only a place to rest, but also a place for self-cultivation, personal awakening, and the emergence of light shining on the insight of thinking and building an understanding person. I am proud to be Asramania! "

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Ari Gunawan

Dormitory Residents 2017/2018

"Dormitory was my first place when I arrived in Malang, my first place, when I didn't have anything, all I had was a new dormitory family, here I grew up, I was forged until now, I thought there was no family as warm and exciting as this when I was there. in a new place, a place for great people, and bringing together many people to become great people, that UM Dormitory undefined!